Eid ul Azha’20 Collection

From east to the far west, when every person prostrates praising the magnificence and grandeur of the Almighty, new festivity signs in. The festivity of Eid-ul-Azha. This year, as the grand celebration of Eid is impending with gratitude and submission of hearts, we want to make sure that your style is demure with sophistication and eminence. This Eid-ul-Azha, opt for a more glorious and distinguished look to enunciate your features in the most elegant way.

This festive season, the unpredictable weather is demanding to retreat your sense of style to celebrate with love. We at Taana Baana believe in blending fashion and comfort to design the perfect ensemble - crafted exquisitely, our ethereal Eid Collection marvels at its inspired exclusivity that is an ode to the intricate embellishments and weaving embroideries. Glittered under the feminine charm and flattering contours, Eden of the East - Taana Baana Eid-ul-Adha Collection 2020 will proceed you towards an elaborated and chic approach to the season's favorite luxurious style statement.

Feel free to play around with colors this Eid, ones that you are in the mood for! Neutrals are suffusing once again, balancing the glorifying appeal while saturated brights have a huge come-back to find a separate place in your heart.

Blossoming with lots of eclectic designs, get ready to enjoy the feminine adornments with eminent volume and royal appeal.